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Bronzeville Visitor Information Center Activities

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Politics at Play In Chicago Architecture Biennale - Artnet News

  Will Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Bitterly Divisive Politics Poison the City's Cultural Renaissance?...

“We Shall Not Be Moved”: A Hunger Strike, Education, and Housing in Chicago

“We Shall Not Be Moved”: A Hunger Strike, Education, and Housing in Chicago

Best of Bronzeville 2015

  Best of  Southsude 2015 :Bronzeville Best of Bronzeville 2015 by Peter Xu   To...

City Treasurer Visits BVIC

Kurt Summers visits BVIC In the warm, embracing atmosphere of the Bronzeville Visitor Information...

Preston Jackson Closing Ceremony

  The Bronzeville Visitor Information Center (BVIC) will be hosting a closing ceremony for Regional...

On The Table

Augsburg College - First Tour 2014

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"Obama Library In Bronzeville" Campaign

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Obama Presidential Library

HOK Proposes Obama Presidential Library for Bronzeville site in Chicago   To read more about the...

U. of C. says it's deferring to Obamas on library

President should pick Chicago location, university official says March 07, 2014|By Dahleen Glanton...

Bronzeville advocate says bid for presidential library is not a tug of war

By: Stacia D. Smith, Medill News, Mar 6, 2014. The only remaining piece of the Michael Reese...

Mayor Emanuels Moves To Control Selection Process

POSTED ON JANUARY 22, 2014 Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Chicago needs to put forth a unified bid...

Black Metropolis Presents Bronzeville's Case

Bronzeville pitches Michael Reese site for Presidential Library The Black Metropolis Convention...

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African-American Heritage Tourism Initiatives

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Chicago Blues Museum Exhibit

Museum Displays Blues, ‘Soul of Bronzeville’ By: Andrea V. Watson, DEFENDER STAFF REPORTER  ...

Bike Share in Bronzeville

Bike Share in Bronzeville

  Bike share, not white share: can Chicago’s program achieve diversity? - The Community expresses...

A Green Rosenwald

This is an innovative, creative vision of the Rosenwald Building becoming a self-contained green building...

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