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Black Metropolis Convention

and Tourism Council

The Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council (BMCTC) is an Illinois not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). The BMCTC was formed to provide Illinois travel and tourism professionals and entrepreneurs with ongoing technical, marketing and research support to create new, competitive African-American heritage tourism products.

BMCTC’s Mission: Facilitate the development of and market African American heritage tourism districts throughout Illinois that preserve the unique character of these neighborhoods. Use these districts to create tourism-related jobs, build resident pride and self-esteem, and improve race relations by improving the socioeconomic and physical conditions of these communities.

BMC&TC’s Vision: Illinois is a premiere African American heritage tourism destination and the number one destination of African-American convention, business and leisure travelers.

BMC&TC’s Focus Areas:

1. Historic Preservation

2. Cultural Heritage Tourism

3. Information Technology

4. Hospitality Services & Training


Bronzeville Information Center

The BMCTC also operates the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center (BVIC) inside the historic Supreme Liberty Life Building located at 411 E. 35th Street in Chicago. The landmark Supreme Liberty Life Building was the longtime headquarters of the first African-American owned and operated insurance company in the northern United States. The building, originally constructed by the Roosevelt State Bank, was bought by the Liberty Life Insurance Company in 1925 and in 1929 merged with two out-of-state firms to form the Supreme Life Insurance Company of America.

The BVIC is an African-American heritage tourism destination that serves as the main orientation center for those visiting Bronzeville.  Here, visitors, residents, students, researchers and entrepreneurs can receive an orientation and information on Bronzeville's rich history and culture.


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